Dolphin Aquasonic Swimming Pool Alarm

Prevent a tragic accident from happening

To date the Dolphin Aquasonic swimming pool alarm is the most simple and effective.
Developed to help prevent accidental drowning. The Dolphin Aquasonic pool alarm consists of only two components: a transmitter and receiver.

To install, simply unpack, turn on the receiver unit and place it in the swimming pool, or body of water that needs protection.

Place the waistband, wristband or collar on the child, adult or animal, and you have instant protection and peace of mind.

As soon as the band makes contact with the water, the alarm sounds, warning of the unsafe condition.

The receiver is placed in the pool/pond and the protected non swimmer wears a waist band or wrist band that houses an ultrasonic transmitter.


Why invest in the Dolphin Aquasonic Swimming Pool Alarm?

  • The system is fully portable - take it on holiday with you!
  • Strap a transmitter to anyone at risk - don't forget your pet!
  • Unlike other systems, the Dolphin Aquasonic will only sound an alarm if the receiver and the transmitter are in the same body of water!
  • Uses ultrasonic signals, similar to how dolphins communicate - it's like having a real dolphin for protection.
  • Does not need technical expertise to install simply switch on and place the receiver in the water and strap on the transmitter.
  • Each system functions independently - your neighbour's alarm will not interfere with yours.
  • Is effective in any type of water - whether it be chemical pools, spas, hot tubs, ponds, fresh or salt water

Prevent a tragic accident from happening

* Video demo for download coming soon

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